Roaring Forties Online Slot – Novomatic Slot Machine

Roaring Forties Novomatic Online Slot

Roaring Forties is a 5 Reel, 40 payline non-progressive slot which embraces a bygone retro era with nostalgic action. This is a true favourite amongst players and can easily be categorized as a classic slot because of the ‘old-school’ graphics and spinning fruit symbols. The slot is designed in the style of the one-armed-bandits with fruit symbols, bells and 7’s.

When the game begins players will get the feeling of sitting behind a slot machine as in the past. After each win players also get the chance to Gamble it or Collect. Gamble gives the chance to double wins by correctly guessing whether a card will be Red or Black. For an incorrect guess wins will be lost.


7’s, ‘Wild’, Golden Stars, Bells, Melons, Grapes, Lemons, Cherries, Oranges, Plums,


Coin sizes range from 0.01 up to 2.00.
The highest jackpot win using 0.01 is 200.00 which become 10,000 by betting maximum coins.

Wild Symbol – “Wild”

The Wild symbol can replace any other symbol except the Star scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol – Golden Star

3 or more Star symbols in any position on the reels award prizes. Getting 5 scatters will pay 20 000x line bet or 5 000 total bet. The pay table changes depending on how much is bet.


Players can make use of free play to evaluate the possibilities before investing real money. The combination of a classic style game with modern bonuses is perfect for all types of players.

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5 Ways to Become a Responsible Gambler

5 Ways to Become a Responsible GamblerHow do you become a responsible gambler? Perhaps you’re thinking that quitting or stopping is the best route to take. But if you simply love playing your favorite games and you cannot entertain the thought of quitting, don’t worry. There are five simple ways on how you can become a responsible GClub gambler.

How to Become a Responsible Gambler

  1. Decide how much you are prepared to lose before logging in or sitting at the tables (bankroll management).

    When you have reached your limit, stop playing! Avoid chasing losses, one of the biggest mistakes to make in gambling. If you’re having a bad streak and you have reached your bankroll limit for that session, quit playing and just come back another day. Trying to recoup your losses is a bad practice; in fact, it might also lead to losing more money in the process or even incurring debt.

    Speaking of bankroll management, wise players set aside about 10% of their income and put this in another account (their gambling account). In the process, they avoid using their household or personal money in gambling. You can do the same and become a responsible gambler. Set a bank account for gambling and use only that money when playing at the Royal GClub.

    Also, think of the money you lose as entertainment cost and money you win as a bonus. In gambling, understand that you will probably lose and losing is a part of any game.

  2. Do not borrow money for gambling (follow-up to #1).

    One big mistake of gamblers is that they try to recoup money they lost at the casinos and never stop playing until they win it back. But the problem is that this practice won’t help but even worsen the situation. Many of them would borrow money just to keep on playing.

  3. Self-assess. To become a responsible gambler, it would be wise to take a self-assessment test that will determine your gambling habits, allowing you to address problems before they arise. There are good online sources that can let you take self-assessment tests, which can determine what bad gambling habits you have. In the process, you can make adjustments to avoid developing a potentially harmful gambling habit.

  4. Decide beforehand when to stop if you happen to win. So if you’re up by 20% for instance and you’re able to beat the odds, you should stop. Otherwise, you will lose if you continue. This is a proven certainty. Aside from planning when to stop when winning, you should also plan when to stop when losing to avoid big losses as well as to become a responsible gambler at the GClub online. But you don’t only plan when to stop when winning or losing, you also have to plan how long or how many hours your session will last.

  5. Take a break from gambling. Learn to walk away from your computer, get outside and talk to a family member, giving you the chance to clearing your head up and some time away from gambling. After all, you should not consider gambling as a replacement for your family, friends and loved ones. Also, gambling should not be the only form of entertainment to consider. You can try exploring and developing other hobbies and interests.

Gambling is fun and entertaining. However, make sure that you practice good gambling habits to avoid becoming addicted to it. And to become a responsible gambler at the Royal GClub, follow the tips shared above. Again, determine a bankroll and stick with it, know when to stop when losing or winning and take a break from gambling, to name some, and you will be just fine. Finally, don’t gamble when you’re depressed or stressed. Any of these won’t make you a good and wise gambler because they won’t help you make good decisions in the games.

7 Steps To Online Slots Success

According to an article published at the Casino City Times, 62% of casino visitors played slot machines and only 7% for poker, 3% for craps, 3% for roulette and 21% for blackjack.

With such statistics, you can imagine that slot machines have so much to do with the survival of a casino operator, which is why they need to offer the best and most fun slot machines for players.

And based on the same statistics, too, it may also be safe to say that web-based slots, like those in the holiday palace casino online, are favorite games, which are why players are looking for easy and simple steps for success. Check out the following section for a guide.

  1. Don’t play the game for too long. This is one of the traps to avoid falling into if you want to succeed at the slots. Let’s put it this way. If you noticed that a game is just keeping you going and giving you a false sense of hope, you may have to stop playing it for a while and return later.
  2. Budget your gambling money (Bankroll management). Before playing, you should determine how much money you are expecting to lose in the casino, but it does not mean you should not look forward to winning. The concept here is to limit your losses. Gamble within your limits, so do not go beyond it. And if you’re looking to play in the morning and evening, divide your bankroll into two.
  3. Choose your slot games. There is a wide range of options when it comes to slots and each game also has varying pay out. Select one that pays at least 97% or even higher. Following up with this one, it pays to choose a slot game that gives you the chance to improve and excel; thus, it might help if you would play the games that you master. However, do not fall in love with only one machine or game; sometimes, this is a trap that might take all your casino money down in one sitting. If you’re losing several spins, then don’t wait until you lose everything. After all, you can come back to your favorite casino slot later.
  4. Consider playing the maximum coins. Each slot game has its payoffs listed. In this case, two coins played on a multiplier machine will pay out twice and three-coin slots three times. That’s simple.
  5. Practice self-control. Slot games are chance-based, so the faster you play, the faster you’re putting yourself at risk to losing all your bankroll. Thus, play slowly so that you can increase your chances to win.
  6. Only play in slots you can afford. There is no sense in playing the three-dollar coin game if you cannot afford it. In this case, you may want to go down to a game with lower betting minimum. While it may be given that you want to bet the maximum number of coins, for instance, you may also consider moving down to a denomination level that you can afford.On the other hand, take note that the higher the denomination to play in a slot, the higher is its payout. But while it may be tempting to try your luck into these slots, you should skip this thought if you still cannot afford it.
  7. Know when to quit. While it may be easy to be taken by the heat of the moment when playing, again, you should practice self-control to avoid this trap.

These are the most essential seven steps when playing slots, like in the holiday palace casino online, so that you can increase your chances to success. Follow these steps and make sure to share this post with friends who may also be looking for such information for playing slots.

The Murky Waters of South African Online Gambling

The Murky Waters of South African Online GamblingInterestingly, for a country that has been extremely heavy-handed in regards to gambling and lately online gambling too, South Africa is known for the affinity many of its citizens show towards just these types of activities. Indeed, the interest for gambling and online gambling has always been high in South Africa and the government has time and again failed to deliver on its promises to legalize and tax online gambling, opening it up for players and turning it into a source of legitimate revenue for the state.

Now then, as far as legal ambiguity is concerned, if you ask any South African lawmaker, he will be quick to tell you there is no such thing (ambiguity, that is). The activity is illegal in the country. Still, there are online gambling operators out there who accept players from South Africa and there are even sites out there proclaiming that while online gambling is illegal in South Africa, South African players are free to create accounts at foreign online casinos and play there. Is it really so though? Is the acceptance of South African gamblers by foreign online casinos legal? Something like that would indeed defy all logic.

Some claim that there are a number of operators located in various South African regions which have been licensed by the government to offer such games, and that players who play at such “licensed” casinos are in full compliance with the law. Interestingly, the same sources which claim that players are free to play at “foreign” casinos say they cannot legally play at “overseas” operators.

The bottom line seems to be a lot of confusion, and while such “reviewers” inevitably arrive to the conclusion that some casinos are legal to play at (obviously, casinos they promote) those who prefer to err on the side of caution should probably not play online unless there is actual word from the South African authorities that there are indeed licensed establishments out there, together with a list of these online operators.

Until then, by playing at the numerous Malta/EU/UK-licensed operations, you risk breaking the South African law, and given how lawmakers aren’t really keen on pushing the matter of legalization forth in the country, the situation will probably persist for the foreseeable future.

Yebo Online And Mobile Casino

Yebo Online Casino

Yebo Mobile CasinoYebo Online Casino is a relatively new player in the South African Rand market, but they are by no means a minion to the other online casinos offering Rand play.

With their R12’000 3 stage welcome bonus, the 50 free spins bonus when a new players signs up, the daily free slots tournament worth a staggering R15’000 and numerous other daily promotions and bonuses (keep an eye on your casino inbox after you’ve joined to stay updated on the bonuses and promotions), they have made their mark with a definitive stamp of authority.

Using the well known RTG Gaming software suite, players have access to some of the best (and probably most well known) casino games on offer today. With a range of over 500 to choose from, players are treated with video, reel, progressive and classic slots, video poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat and… well to be honest, the list of games is impressive.

And now that they have entered the mobile casino market, and judging by the quality and quantity of mobile casino games on offer, they are sure to impress and convert even the most hardened of online casino players.

So visit Yebo Casino with any internet connected device you have, be it your desktop PC, smart phone or tablet device, their website will detect with what you are connecting and present you with the best possible user experience for the device. No more hunting around trying to find that obscure link to a mobile version! But if you prefer your desktop PC, there is a choice for you as well – either download and install the casino software, or play directly on the website using the Instant Play option. The choice is yours…

Yebo Online Casino

Strategies to win Online Casino Games

Strategies to win Online Casino Games

There is hardly any ebooks available about winning online casino games. Every great gambler or casino czar has his own winning strategy. However, for many beginners as well as veterans who want to be successful in their online casino endeavors should learn a few basic strategies.



Differentiate Between Gambling Strategy, Tactic, and System


Most of the players do not clearly know the difference between gambling strategy, gambling tactic, and gambling system. While strategy is all about the action that you decide in advance, tactic decides the particular move. Some players get tempted by manipulating the gambling system and invest their money on it; however, they hardly work in your favor. So beware of wasting your money on gambling systems.




Strong Self-discipline


Strong self discipline is the key to winning big money online. No doubt, online casinos give you the flexibility to play at any time and anywhere. It is suggested that you draw up a playing schedule. One and a half hour’s play every day is an optimal time. Do not continue gambling endlessly even if you have been winning for some time.




A Fixed Small Amount Every Day


Especially advisable for beginners, it is good to set a limit to your spending. When you play online, it often becomes out of your control to monitor the spending you have made. Therefore, a fixed small amount everyday will help you plan better and also analyze the areas where you are powerful. Later on, you can gradually raise the bar.




Know the Right Time to Quit


Many people continue betting without taking a break. Some people continue to bet whilst they are winning and others continue to bet when they are losing. Both situations can result in over-spending. As a responsible online casino player, you must know the right time to quit. A winning spree is NOT necessarily going to end in a win; rather it may result in big loss. So, if you have earned enough for the day, just stop for a while. Similarly to keep on betting to recover a loss is counter productive and is not an effective measure at all.




Game Descriptions


Never Neglect the Game Descriptions. Read the entire game description carefully. It tells you many do’s and dont’s, which are essential not only to play the game, but also to get other valuable information. It is all about educating yourself and learning few great tips and tricks of playing at an online online casino.




Identify the Winning Casinos


Let us be a bit technical and make the best use of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Not all the gambling sites that come in the top result are the best gambling sites. Do a little variation in your search and find the online casinos which offer online bonuses, also known as ‘Casino Bonus’. These are the ways to earn huge amounts of free money.







21Duel Blackjack

21Duel Blackjack21 Duel Blackjack is the updated, fast paced version of the classical table card game Blackjack. Players will enjoy the game even more with the added extra of a side bet and the option to play multiple hands. Two community cards will be dealt in the middle for the player and the dealer to make use of.

The aim of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it and at the same time trying to beat the dealers hand. The Aces count as either 1 or 11, the face cards count as 10, and the number cards are at their face value.

If the total of a players cards are closer to 21 than the dealers, then the player wins. If the total of a players cards match the dealers cards, then it is a tie and the player will receive his bet back. Should a players’ cards exceed 21 then it is a “Bust” and the bet is lost. This game also gives players the option to place a side bet, which only counts for the first two cards and the community cards. If a player happens to have a pair amongst these cards then he will be paid out 3 to 1. Three of a kind will reward a player with a payout of 20 to 1.

21 Duel Blackjack also allows players the option to play “Multiple” hands which means up to five hands can be played simultaneously.

Find out more about or play Blackjack at Betfred Online. Also play and enjoy the other great casino games, sports betting, In-Play, Bingo, slot games and many other entertainment options on offer!

Mobile Users Mobile Sportsbetting

Should you visit Betfred Mobile using your mobile device, you could also qualify for an additional £10 Free Bet over and above the £25 matched bet on offer! But remember, only if you register using your mobile device!
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The Numbers Are In

New Jersey GamblingThe Numbers are in Following New Jersey’s Online Gambling Launch and They’re Promising

New Jersey’s freshly legalized online poker and online gambling market is past its first weekend, and some numbers which can be used to gain an idea of the popularity of the games have already come in. Apparently, on Thanksgiving, online poker players/gamblers were busy creating accounts at the various Atlantic City based sites in addition to giving thanks for the blessings in their lives. On Thanksgiving alone, no fewer than 5,000 accounts have been created. The total number of online poker/gambling accounts created thus far exceeds that by quite a bit though: a total of 32,277 accounts have been created according to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Of course, this number doesn’t really say anything about how many individual players placed bets at the sites. It is more than safe to assume though that there were players who opened accounts at several different sites, so the actual number of gamblers is much lower than 32.2k.

What is already clear though is that the launch of legal online gambling and poker can already be counted as a moment equal in importance to the opening of the first Atlantic City casino back in 1978.

After Nevada and Delaware, New Jersey is the third state to have legalized and regulated online gaming in the US, following the 2006 UIGEA, which pretty much outlawed the activity that had previously been situated in a legal grey-area. Thus far, the Garden State enjoys a number of clear advantages over the other two above said jurisdictions: while Nevada may boast a larger market, it only legalized online poker and not online casino gambling.

Delaware on the other hand only granted three licenses and lacking a live gambling base like Atlantic City or Las Vegas, its market is clearly nowhere as mature as those of the other two states. In New Jersey, Six Atlantic City casinos have been approved for online gambling/poker, and a 7th is on the verge of being admitted into the club. Unlike in Nevada, players can wager on any of the casino games on offer, including roulette, blackjack and slots.

What’s It Really Like To Be A Pro Poker Player?

Katrina Jett, Jesse Sylvia and Jason Somerville
Katrina Jett, Jesse Sylvia and Jason Somerville

By nature, professional poker players are tight-lipped. However, recently Katrina Jett, Jesse Sylvia and Jason Somerville agreed to reveal what life is really like as a professional. This conversation happened at the 15th International Gambling & Risk Taking Conference at Caesars Palace. The three professionals all have very different backgrounds, but bonded over a lifestyle that few people will ever know.

Jett lives in Las Vegas and has been to the WSOP final table four times, however when she’s not working on her skills, she’s working in her garden. She’s married to another pro star, Chip Jett, and it’s clear that Vegas is her home. Sylvia recently won $5.3 million at Martha’s Vineyard, and Somerville gained attention for being the first poker player who’s openly gay.

The Beginning

Jett comes from a family of poker players, although she’s the first professional. It’s allowed her to travel the world, but she and her husband have kept poker out of their children’s lives. Instead, the big focus is on education. Jett has been on the circuit since 1977.

On the other hand, Sylvia has only been pro for five years and started playing to put himself through college. He shares Jett’s love of travel. Somerville began playing when he was 16 with friends, then moved onto online casinos. By the time he was 17, he’d won $100,000.

The Transition

Jett has moved into real estate, too, and considers it a kind of gambling, and Sylvia is following suit. The thrill of the risk is the same, and playing with numbers is what realtors do. However, Somerville is looking for something else to balance out his life. He likes making videos and short stories, but he’s constantly on the lookout for the next fun thing to catch his eye. After playing games for a living for 10 years, he feels it’s time to expand.

Jett reports struggling to keep up with changes, such as the no-limit poker that wasn’t around when she started. She cites a lot of research to keep her game fresh. However, Sylvia says poker isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle. Without obsession, Sylvia says even the best will fail. Somerville agrees that studying is a must to play well, and review sessions are a requirement.

The Game-Life Balance

Unlike Jett, Somerville made a conscious decision to live in New York where casinos aren’t readily available. He steers clear of poker players and enjoys spending time with old friends. However, he does indulge in online gaming at times. Sylvia simply accepts that poker is part of who he is, sometimes for the good and bad.

However, Jett is adamant that poker is a part of her, but doesn’t define her. She’s focused on her family, but admits it’s a daily struggle to strike that balance.

New Jersey on the Verge of Legal Online Gambling

New Jersey on the Verge of Legal Online GamblingGarden State lawmakers have long toyed with the idea of legalizing and regulating online gambling within the state of New Jersey. Back in 2011 the state legislative machine churned out a legal initiative which would have turned New Jersey into the first US state to legalize and regulate online gambling. Both the state Assembly and the Senate passed Sen. Raymond Lesniak’s bill, but the whole effort ran ashore when Governor Chris Christie refused to sign it into law. It should be noted that the bill vetoed by Christie was passed with a large bipartisan majority.

These days, the game seems to be on again. Lesniak is at it again. The ill-fated 2011 Bill was taken and amended into an entirely different type of animal, or so lawmakers on both sides of the political spectrum believe. The said bill is therefore yet again on Christie’s desk, awaiting his signature.

What exactly has changed besides the amended bill of course, since 2011? According to Lesniak and many of the other lawmakers supporting the new initiative, quite a lot. While the proposed bill was passed through an eerily similar bipartisan effort yet again, that is pretty much where the similarities stop. The economic circumstances are indeed radically different. Ravaged by hurricane Sandy, the economy of the Garden State is pretty much in shambles. It would be a mistake to fault Mother Nature solely for the current state of affairs though. New Jersey’s problems are much deeper and further reaching. The state, which viewed Atlantic City and its gambling-related revenues as a major economic engine for years, has been bleeding customers to neighboring states for quite a while now. With many of the other US states pondering laws and regulations in regards to online poker and online gambling, the pressure has gradually mounted and many Atlantic City businesses have been pushed to the brink of extinction.

Lesniak and his ilk obviously view online gambling and poker as potential lifesavers for the state’s besieged gambling economy. Furthermore, according to some of the rumors, the world’s largest online poker operation, PokerStars, may be looking to set up shop in Atlantic City by purchasing a land-based gambling operation there, a move which would not only bail out a single business, but may potentially end up turning New Jersey into the new focal point of the US online poker industry.

With the New Year more than a week old, and with Christie still not showing any signs of willingness to tackle the issue, some of the lawmakers behind the initiative are growing restless. Jim Whelan, Raymond Lesniak and Stephan Sweeney have apparently already written to the governor urging action on his part.

It now looks like the fate of legal online gambling and online poker in one of the United States’ most gambling oriented states rests in the hands of one Republican governor who has taken a rather anti-legalization stance in the past. Whether or not the circumstances are dire enough to convince Christie to finally pick up his pen and lift the shackles off the online gambling industry, remains to be seen. One thing is certain though: New Jersey lawmakers sure do have their minds set on getting this issue out of the way once and for all.